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    Nioxin Romania

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    Petite Style

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    Audiobyte logo redesign

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    Audiobyte Remote APP


Frontline softworks is a Romanian web development and IT business company with over 11 years of strong experience and we have clients all around the world. Each of the services that we provide is based on cutting-edge technology and advertising strategies meant to achieve maximum impact on the market together with unique design solutions reflecting your own corporate vision.

Meet the team

  • Andreia Carmen


    Web Designer
  • Sorin Pohontu


    Analyze, code, test ... repeat ...
  • Adi Purdila


    Rockstar web designer

We are a team of young IT professionals that is trained to develop and manage any project from scratch. We are equally preoccupied to develop our own web, mobile and desktop projects, now professionally enhanced with a vast experience in the online and offline environment.

Latest from the blog

Cum functioneaza un sms Gateway?

Cum functioneaza un sms Gateway?

**Trimite si monitorizeaza mesaje si campanii SMS. Usor & in siguranta, oriunde in lume. **

Platforma ElementarySMS este alcatuita din doua aplicatii, conectate prin Internet, pregatite sa trimita si sa receptioneze meseje text (SMS) catre si dinspre operatorii de telefonie ...

Detecting CSV delimiter with PHP

Detecting CSV delimiter with PHP

Excel doesn't do a very good job on exporting comma separated files (CSV or TXT). Reading the file with fgetcsv could fail, since the field separator might not be as expected (a comma).

Here is a quick method to find the field delimiter from a CSV file. We'l ...

Debian Linux cron error: bad username (nscd and libnss-mysql)

Debian Linux cron error: bad username (nscd and libnss-mysql)

If your system setup is based on nscd with libnss-mysql and you have setup a cron job for a database user, it might be possible to get this error in your syslog after ...