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Customize input type radio button using CSS only

Radion buttons design are so boring, right? So, if you want to override browser defaults, with a little extra markup, the form elements can be styled in almost any way - no JavaScript required. To create a custom design for your input type radio buttons, using CSS only, first step is to place th ...

The 5 Best Plugins for Sketch

Sketch has become the go-to app for designers around the world. The simple UI, the responsiveness and the plethora of handy features makes it a really big success. But one of the biggest reasons for its success is the large comunity of developers behind the app that constantly push out plugins a ...

Delete messages from Postfix queue by sender address and recipient domain

Ever wanted to delete all messages from Postfix queue by sender email address and recipient domain ?

Today, I did ... and below you can find a handful script for this purpose.

Tools needed: grep, awk, mailq and postsuper.

In a hu ...

5 Reasons Sketch is Better than Photoshop

For a very long time Adobe’s Photoshop has been the go-to app for image editing but also for UI design. Despite some of its limitations, people kept using Photoshop to design websites and web apps even tho, at its core, Photoshop is just an image editing software.

On September ...

Dropdown z-index problem with Bootstrap on iPad

If you're working with Bootstrap you might be experiencing issues with the dropdown menu items showing behind other page elements rather than in front of them, especially on iPad devices.

Apparently there's no good reason for a DOM element near the root of the HTML node to appear behind ...

Speed up PHP mail() with sendmail's background delivery

By default, php mail() is using sendmail, using a 3 steps process:

  • mail() forks sendmail process
  • sendmail attempts to send message to destination server
  • sendmail returns to mail() when the message is sent

On a large batch of emails, you'll want to r ...